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We are a Technology and Home Automation company aimed at improving the security and comfort of our clients. In this era of global insecurity, we have set ourselves the task of ensuring that safety of our clients is not compromised while offering easy to use and reliable security systems. Our security systems include video surveillance, intrusion detection systems and fire alarms.

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Providing IT & Automaton Services Since 2012

With our Smart Home option we ensure our clients enjoy every bit of their stay at home with a custom centralized control for your Audio, High-Definition Video, Lighting and HVAC systems with an easy to use interface.

As custom installers we make each home have a unique identity according to our clients’ needs so you don’t have to be limited to any design or product. We partner with corporations and individuals to develop top-notch properties for residential and commercial use. Elmargyn is a company that ensures our clients are relaxed both in and out of their homes by securing your home when you are away and giving you no reason to look for an alternative source of entertainment when you are home. Using our state of the art equipment, we give your home a feel that is second to none.

Elmargyn also offers services such as IT and security consulting, local/home area network administration, supply, installation and maintenance of security and ICT equipment.

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