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Custom Home Cinema

Add tremendous value to your home blowing off the mind of guests with the home theatre solution. Utilizing the latest technology from high quality AV receivers we are able to give our customers the ultimate home entertainment package. Invite friends over to watch a block buster movie or a live football match in the comfort of custom design and built private cinema designed 100% just for you.


We offer our customers the very best in communication equipment for their new home! We provide state-of-the-art intercom systems, local area networks, and structured wiring solutions. Our engineers adhere to a strict Structured Wiring Design to maximize the efficiency of your homeowner’s new system and to allow for future upgrades. We truly believe that with our equipment and our technician’s experience, there’s nothing we cannot accomplish for your customers in home communications.

Audio Video

Enhance the buying experience of your clients if you are a builder or enjoy the latest in today’s entertainment solutions in your home. We carry several product lines that will meet your customers every desire. Whole home audio/video and home theatre systems have taken the market by storm and it is no longer just the “wealthy” that can afford such solutions. We make it possible and economically available for your home buyers to integrate these solutions into their new home!

Smart Home Integration

Integration of different smart home services such as Smart Lighting Control, Audio Visuals, Security, HVAC having controls from a single interface.

These devices in the smart home network can be controlled while the client is at home and remotely when they are not with smartphones, computers, and tablets. Smart Home Integration automates the function of the devices around the home for the client.

Smart Security Systems

Today we face not only the common threats of theft, personal attack, trespassing and information leakage, but also the more serious risk of terrorism on an international scale.

Unauthorized access to Buildings and Compounds can be prevented via Elmargyn’s range of Perimeter Security, Access Control, Intruder Detection and Surveillance Systems, Remote Monitoring and Vehicle Entry Control.​

Green Energy

Add alternative green energy sources solar or wind to give you a noiseless and pollution free 24 hrs power supply.

The multiplier Environmental and economic benefits of using this kind of energy includes the generation of energy that produces no greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels and reduces some types of air pollution, the Diversification of energy supply and reduction in the dependency on imported fuel.

Electrical Design and Installation
(Domestic & Industrial)

Get the best of your electrical designs and installation from our qualified team of talented electrical design and installation experts/professionals. They design, install, inspect, and maintain low/high voltage electrical installations in compliance with with industrial best standards and practices.

Our experts implement their industry-leading knowledge about new and updated electrical installation standards.


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